The First Two Days

Posted on July 25th, 2007 by Brietta in Blog

The first session’s off! During the past two days, we’ve been busy learning all about radio.

The kids pore over a copy of the CKUW Program Guide during a morning scavenger hunt.

We started off on Monday with seven kids – Amanuel, Kamila, Nam, Phuong, Amy, Harjot, and Rosli. The day began with a scavenger hunt where the kids got to know the station and the people behind it. The kids wrote scripts and chose music to make ads for their shows on Friday. You can check these out on the projects page. (I might have influenced the music a bit…)

On Day two we were joined by three new kids – Bob, William, and Junior. During the morning, Sean Kavanagh from CBC came in, and the kids learned about how to make a news story for radio. They then looked through newspapers and found a story, and adapted this story to use for their show on Friday. We also had a chance to play games, go swimming, and make Station IDs.

Sean Kavanagh gets the kids talking. Matt & the kids edit their Station IDs.